Olaplex works by repairing your broken bonds, it is the ultimate breakage insurance range for your hair to be used in salon and at home.

Hair becomes compromised from colour, heat, age, pollution, sun and the way you handle your hair your self. The bonds become weak and this shows all the effects of the above in your hair. Whilst using all the Olaplex range, the product is strengthening, fixing the broken bonds and protecting them leaving hair soft, shiny like you were young again.

Who is behind the brand?

Olaplex was created by 3 gentlemen Beauty Entrepreneur Dean Christal, Dr Craig Hawker and Dr Eric Pressly.

Dean was working on stem cell research for a family member and thought it would be great to come up with the holy grail for hair.

Olaplex was born in Dr Eric Pressly’s garage.

The liquid gold Olaplex was then launched to the hair world in July 2014 it changed the world for hairdressers to be more confident and up our game with chemical services and achieve results we never thought possible.
It’s the insurance to your hair.

However if someone’s hair is still very comprised before any service was carried out (this been seen and done in your consultation), we would advise (any good hairstylist) to have a few stand alone treatments in salon first, these been No1 and No2(the only steps done in the salon). And follow at home with the home care No3, No4 and No5 until the hair is acceptable to work on.

Chemical, Thermal, Mechanical, Environmental and Lifestyle all have a big effect on your hair.
Olaplex helps repair and rebuild the broken disulphide bonds in which all the above have played their damaging effects to.

Olaplex goes a long way small amounts only need to be used, its very concentrated. You may think the initial cost for Olaplex is expensive but if you run it against how much shop bought products you go through, in time and cost Olaplex actually works better for you.

Olaplex is for any hair type natural, curly, fine, straight, coloured, bleached, permed, relaxed and you can also use on 100% human hair extensions.

Once you have tried Olaplex , you will not go back.

So a bit about the product…

We use all the Olaplex range in the salon from number 1 to 7. No1 and No2 are in salon use only. However, the others can be used at home. So, let’s find out a bit more about them;

No1 – The Bond Multiplier – this is the first salon step, we can add this to any colour service or can do this as a standalone treatment. The solution rebuilds the broken disulphide bonds. And kicks off the process of enhancing and protecting the hair.

No2 – The Bond Perfector – this is the second colour salon step. This is applied after your colour service has been rinsed or over the top of your first step standalone treatment. It looks like a rich facecream. The no2 carries on restoring the bonds to help towards you having the healthiest hair.

No3 – Hair Perfector – This is your at-home treatment almost a weaker version of our in salon steps. This is applied to towel dried hair. And combed through.

Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes up to 45 minutes. (You can leave overnight but it has worked its full magic after 45 minutes). For compromised hair I would leave on for the maximum time. Rinse, shampoo and condition with Olaplex No4 & No5 style as you normally would. (Don’t forget about No6 and No7).

A lot of people think No3 is a conditioner, NO it’s a treatment for your hair use only once a week on healthy hair and twice a week for compromised hair.

No4 – Bond Maintenance Shampoo – Reconstructing hydrating shampoo for all hair types, it maintains your bonds is colour-safe, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Also free from parabans, sulphates and phthalates.

No5 – Bond Maintenance Conditioner – Does all the above and also for all hair types and weightless.
Free from all the nastiness. Tip: When using both No4 and No5 apply a small amount it goes along way.

No6 – Bond Smoother – A leave-in styling creamé it’s like the La Prairie Caviar Luxe face cream for your hair.
Great again for all hair types, you will know if you’ve overdone it.

It eliminates frizz, hydrates, moisturises and speeds up blow-drying time (great right). Keeping your hair fabulous for up to 72 hours. Apply to mid-lengths down to ends and dry/style as desired.

No7 – Bonding Oil – This oil is absolutely amazing to say the least, for all hair types, those who have fine hair that wouldn’t usually go anywhere near an oil – you haven’t tried this one, you will be impressed.

It’s weightless, strengthens, hydrates also provides heat protection up to 450F and can be used on wet, damp and dry hair. Combining with No6 for blow drying or leaving to naturally dry makes your your feel and look amazing. The shine is immense!

Olaplex can not damage your hair!

Try Olaplex today you will not be disappointed. Contact us to put some aside with your name on it. Available for contactless delivery.

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