Blonde balayage is fashionable, trendy and stylish, but most importantly, it looks amazing and gives you that beautiful, natural sun-kissed look ready for the summer.


And the best part? You can get a blonde balayage style that is perfectly customised to your skin tone, base colour and hair type.

So whether you’re brand new to balayage or simply looking for a new look, here are 7 gorgeous blonde balayage ideas for this summer…


Face-framing blonde balayage

If you’re new to balayage and aren’t ready for all-over balayage, face-framing streaks are a great way to start. They brighten up your whole look and are the perfect way to add that summer vibe to your style. Concentrate the lightest shades around your face to complement your skin tone and lift your look.

Subtle blonde balayage

Blonde balayage doesn’t have to be bright and white. Warm caramels and honeys can create subtle, natural-looking highlights that blend beautifully with your natural colour. You get a new look without drastically changing your appearance.

Blonde balayage on brown

There are so many gorgeous blends for blonde on brown. Lighter and darker browns mixed with hazelnut shades of blonde look fantastic. Or keep your roots dark and add a caramel blonde balayage – a great contrast for paler skin tones. If your hair is on the shorter side, consider adding a brighter colour to the tips for a style that really stands out.

Soft blonde balayage

Soft blondes stand out perfectly against a dark base and are the ideal starting point for anyone new to the balayage trend. Small swipes of dark blonde just add that natural shine and glossiness.

Platinum blonde balayage

If subtle just isn’t your style, then platinum or white blonde balayage will help you make a statement. Cooler shades look great on peachy or slightly darker skin tones – bring the white to the front with some chunky highlights to frame your face.

Blonde balayage on dark roots

This look is ideal if low maintenance is your thing. Not only does the contrast of dark roots and warm blondes look amazing, but upkeep is easy as it can be left to grow out. A soft, relaxed and classic look – great for the summer and all year round.

‘Lived-in’ blonde balayage

For an effortless blonde balayage style, go for the ‘lived-in’ look. Soft, blended tones, with no harsh lines, and roots that dip all the way down into your highlights, giving your hair that natural, sun-kissed radiance.

What is Balayage?

The word ‘balayage’ comes from the French word ‘balayer’, which means ‘to sweep’, and it refers to the way colour is applied to your hair. Unlike traditional highlights that use foils, balayage is a technique where colour is ‘painted’ on the hair. The lightest colours are usually more saturated towards the tips to mimic the way the sun naturally lightens hair.

Balayage also gives you a more natural, blended and graduated look, without the harsh lines or stripey effect you sometimes get with other techniques. Because the highlights are more graduated, balayage colouring requires less maintenance too.

How to choose your balayage look

Honey, ash, mushroom, platinum, white, sandy or caramel – there are so many shades, tones and blends to choose from; how on earth do you decide which is right for you?

Every balayage is different. The right placement, graduation and colour for you will depend on several factors. To work out the best blonde balayage, you need to consider your complexion, features, hair texture, style and length, and your natural base colour.

What looks great on your favourite celebrity won’t necessarily suit you. That’s why you should consult a stylist who specialises in balayage. They will be able to help you select the right tones to ensure your blonde balayage look is perfect for you.

At Epiphany Hair Lounge in Horsforth, we’re colour specialists, and our stylists love helping clients achieve their perfect balayage look.

Not only do we look at things like your hair type and base colour as well as your face shape and complexion, but we’ll also ask you about your preferred features, how you style your hair day-to-day and how often you want to maintain your colour. All these things help us contour and highlight your hair in a way that not only looks amazing but also fits with your lifestyle.

So if you’d like a gorgeous blonde balayage look tailored especially to you, book a colour consultation with us today to get started.

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