Specialist hair colouring that leaves you with a longer-lasting, natural, sun-kissed look you’ll love

Beautiful shades to suit your style

Unlike traditional colouring, balayage doesn’t use foils. Instead, the colour is ‘painted’ on your hair in a sweeping motion that results in a more natural, subtle and blended finish. And with so many tones, shades and styles to choose from, you can create a completely unique look that suits your personality, hair type and daily styling preferences.


Why Balayage?


Natural look

Natural-looking highlights that give your hair that gorgeous sun-kissed appearance


Low maintenance

Grows out without obvious regrowth lines, meaning your hair looks fabulous for longer


Choice of colours

Colours and shades to suit any style - honey, ash, blonde, brown, platinum and more

Types of Balayage

Face-framing balayage

Brighten up your look with face-framing streaks

Blonde Balayage

Go soft and subtle or bright and bold

Subtle Balayage

Give your hair a lift with warm subtle shades

Brown Balayage

Add warmth and depth with beautiful browns

Lived-in balayage

Soft, blended tones for that effortless look

Platinum balayage

Make a statement with platinum balayage

Achieve your perfect look

What is balayage?

The word ‘balayage’ refers to the way colour is applied to your hair. Rather than using foils, the colour is ‘painted’ on freehand in a sweeping motion.

Balayage gives you a more natural, blended and graduated look, without the harsh lines or stripey effect you sometimes get with other techniques.


Will balayage suit my hair type and style?

 There are so many shades, tones and styles of balayage that it works on almost any hair type and style.


How do I choose the right look and colour?

The best balayage look for you will depend on your hair texture, style, length and natural base colour, as well as your face shape, features and complexion.

What looks great on your favourite celebrity might not be right for you, so you should consult a stylist who specialises in balayage.

It’s also important to think about how you style your hair day-to-day and how often you want to maintain your colour. This will help you choose a look that fits your lifestyle.


How long does it take?

That really depends on the condition of your hair now and what look you want to achieve.

A simple balayage can take less than an hour. But if you want several different shades, or your hair is badly damaged, or you want to go from dark hair to blonde, then you may need more than one visit to the salon.

Don’t worry though, our stylists will talk you through all the options and help you achieve the look you want.


How do I maintain my balayage?

Because of the way balayage is applied, it’s lower maintenance than other types of colour. That’s because it grows out more naturally without the obvious regrowth lines you get with other techniques.

This means you can go longer between salon appointments and still look fantastic.


Is balayage expensive?

Because balayage is a specialist technique, it can work out slightly more expensive than traditional foil highlights. But since balayage doesn’t need touching up as often, you might not need as many visits to the salon.

The cost of your balayage colour will depend on the complexity of your style.


How do I get started?

If you’re considering balayage within a hair salon in Leeds, then the first step is to book a consultation with a stylist. They’ll be able to help you choose a look that works for you and do an allergy test before your colour application.

A deposit will be taken at the time of consultation which will then be deducted from your final balance once your new look is complete.

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